One of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States, MV GROUP unites alcoholic beverage manufacturer MV Group production which has four factories: Stumbras, Alita, Anykščių vynas and Gubernija; Mineraliniai vandenys, which is the leading wholesaler of alcohol, tobacco and other consumer goods in the Baltic countries, as well as its subsidiaries in Latvia (MV Latvia), Estonia (MV Eesti) and Poland (MV Poland); and MV GROUP Logistics – one of the most innovative and stable logistics companies in Lithuania.

Stumbras is one of the oldest and largest alcoholic beverage manufacturers in the Baltic region. Stumbras specializes in the production of different types of vodka, bitters, liqueurs and brandy. In creating beverages, traditional production techniques are combined with the latest technology.
Alita – one of the first and best known manufacturers of sparkling wine and brandy categories in Lithuania. The portfolio of drinks consists of high quality natural fermentation sparkling wines, brandy, bitters, cocktails, sparkling carbonated fermented drinks, vodka and other spirit drinks. A big part of production is also exported to foreign countries.
Anykščių vynas – one of the oldest in the southern region of the Baltics to have started producing wine by industrial methods. Anykščių vynas is best known for its high quality natural fruit and berry wines, ciders, bitters, liqueurs as well as concentrated juices. The products can be distinguished as natural products, so Anykščių vynas can boast about the fact that they use a lot of locally-gathered berries and fruits and process up to 35 thousand tons of fruit and berries.
"Gubernija" is the oldest brewery in Lithuania, which has been operating in Siauliai for more than 350 years. Today "Gubernija" portfolio of drinks includes beer, kvass and other beverages, which are manufactured using the traditional technologies and the top-quality standards that helps maintain naturalness and authenticity.
Mineraliniai Vandenys (MV), which began operations in 1992, was joined by subdivisions MV Latvia and MV Eesti in 2007; together, they are now the leading wholesalers of alcohol and tobacco in the regional market. MV Poland represents the group’s trade interests in Poland. Today, MV has approximately 1,500 brands in its portfolio.
BOTTLERY is a chain of specialty stores owned by Mineraliniai Vandenys where you can find over 1,000 different beverage labels, as well as delectable snacks and table accessories to go with them. Bottlery has a number of exclusive products that you won’t find in other supermarkets or specialty stores, since we are the only ones who import them into Lithuania.
MV GROUP Logistics, which manages 35,000 m2 of warehouse space and provides a full range of 3PL services including warehousing, preparation of goods for sale, transportation, distribution, accounting and invoicing, is one of the fastest-growing integrated logistics companies in Lithuania.